Fibroepithelial Polyp

Synonyms: Skin tag; papilloma; acrochordon. Clinical Presentation:

■ Hanging or protruding polyps (Fig. 12A)

■ Common in areas of friction; axillae, groin, inframam-mary, neck

■ Small (usually) to several centimeters

■ Maybe inflamed (red) or infarcted

■ Sometimes a thin stalk with bulbous tip


■ Two common variants

■ Polypoid projection, smooth surface, flattened rete ridges, fibrillated collagen in central core (Fig. 12B)

■ Polypoid projection, verrucous surface, papillated epidermal hyperplasia and acanthosis, indistinguishable from a papillated seborrheic keratosis

■ May demonstrate inflammation and/or necrosis

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