Used to treat tumors.


Plicosepalus sagittifolius (Sprague) Danse Plicosepalus sagittifolius (Sprague) Danse Viscum calcaratum S. Balle

Branches Branch and leaf Part not specified

Tanzania Tanzania India

Used to treat cancer. Used to treat cancer. Used for skin tumors.


Lycoperdon bovista L.

Entire plant


Applied to tumors.


Medinilla crassinervia Blume Melastoma malabathricum L.

Entire plant Flowers

Papua-New Guinea India

Used to treat nasal cancer. Used for treatment of cancer.


Aglaia elliptica Blume

Aphanamixispolystachya (Wall.) N.R. Park

Aphanamixispolystachya (Wall.) N.R. Park

Bark Root Stembark

Thailand Used against tumors. Geog. area not stated Used to treat tumors. India Used for spleen and liver tumors.

Aphanamixis polystachya (Wall.) N.R. Park Azadirachta indica Adr. Juss. Carapa guianensis Aubl. Swietenia humilis Zucc.

Stembark Leaf Seed oil Seed

India Nigeria Brazil Mexico

Useful for tumors. Used to treat whitlow. Used to treat uterine cancer. Used to treat cancer.


Ficus pretoriae Burtt Davy



Used for warts.

Maclura cochinchinensis (Lour.) Corner Maclura cochinchinensis (Lour.) Corner

Stemwood Wood

Thailand Thailand

Used as an antineoplastic. Used for cancer




Knema tenuinervia W.J.J.O. De Wilde Stembark Thailand

Knema tenuinervia W.J.J.O. De Wilde Stembark Thailand

Virola bicuhyba Warb. Seed Brazil

Said to be popular cancer remedy.

Used as a cancer remedy.

Used to treat tumors of the joints.

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