Maintaining The Discus Aquarium

This section deals with the necessary housekeeping involved with keeping discus. You must maintain the best water quality possible at all times if you wish to keep your fish in good health. It is often said that discus are prone to disease but this is a bit unfair. When they are healthy from the start and kept in clean water of the proper chemistry and temperature and fed properly, they are no more prone to illness than any other fish. This said, let's see what we have to do to keep them well.

Preparing For Discus37

The vertical is often a favorite spawning site in the discus community. A dark background will show your fish at their best. Black is very dramatic. Blues and reds are attractive at times, but discus seem to prefer green personal observation . Blue discus in a tank with a blue background can clash. The same goes for red fish against a red background. Use a little imagination. Printed backgrounds can be distracting. Some people like to use natural substances like cork tiles for the background. I...

Starting With Discus

Gan Discus

Are Amazonian fishes, inhabiting he quiet blackwater rainforest tributaries of the Amazon River, the second longest river in the world. There, they keep close to the shoreline where the water is still. They hide among tangled roots and branches where they are relatively safe from predators and maintain distinct territories that they would never leave were it not for the fact that the annual rainy season floods their waters and shifts the in about a bit. Otherwise, the discus would probably...

Wildtype Discus

Wild Discus Belem

Hobby discus can be divided into two types. There are the wild-type discus and tank-bred varieties, or hybrids. Sometimes the wild-type are also wild-caught, but sometimes they are the offspring of pure wild stock that have not been crossed with other types of discus. There are currently two species of wild discus Symphysodon discus Meckel , with the subspecies d. discus Meckel and d. willischwartzi pineapple , and Symphysodon aequifasciatus, with the subspecies a. aequifasciatus green , a....