Plants Real Or Plastic

Plants can make a good aquarium a terrific aquarium or they can make a good aquarium a depressing mess. Aquarium plants have a set of needs of their own and not all plants are suitable for the warm acidic water of the discus aquarium.

Some species of plants that do very well in the discus tank are: Java fern, Java moss, sword plants, onion plants, species of Vallisneria, cryptocorynes, water sprite, and species of Aponogeton. By all means consult a book specifically about aquatic plants for important information on the proper care of aquarium plants. There are many advantages to including plants in the discus aquarium, but you will only realize these benefits if you take some simple steps to ensure that the plants you keep will be strong, healthy specimens.

On the other hand, there are many plastic plants that can be used to create an attractive display and provide shelter for the fish. Discus like to be able to get away from the limelight from time to time and the use of drill wood and plants gives them ihe shelter they sometimes need. The more shelter they have available, the more confidence they will have overall and the more you will see them swimming In the open in full display with erect fins and bright eyes!

intensity of the lighting.

Green algae, on the other hand, is caused by too much light and too many available nutrients in the water. Wipe the green algae from all surfaces of the aquarium, add more plants to compete for the available nutrients, and reduce the

One of the objects of breeding discus is to try and obtain solid color on the body without any of the dark vertical stripes. This has been accomplished in may strains and in various colors.
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