Preparing For Discus


All (oo often we see a fish we must have, lay down our money, and hurry right home to put it into one of our tanks. This technique may work with some fishes, but for discus it can end in disaster. Discus cannot simply be dumped into an existing community aquarium without a little ceremony at least! To keep discus well, you have to prepare yourself a little before you own one.

If you are reading this book before you have bought your first discus, bravo. I hope that the words 1 write now will help you to become an accomplished discus

A male blue discus, Symphysodon aequifasciatus haraldi showing good color in a well planted tank.

keeper in time and you have made j a wise decision to learn something about them first. As you continue in the discus hobby, I hope you will read many more books to make the art of discus keeping equally enjoyable for you and your fish.

Before we gel into specifics, let's talk about quality. If you endeavor to use only choice aquatic products in your selection of aquarium equipment, test kits, foods, and medications, you will have much better results than if you try to cut corners in the wrong places. Try to use only the best products (not necessarily the most expensive), ones that have a proven track record for quality. Discus are specialty fish. Treat them as well as possible.

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