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Hobby discus can be divided into two types. There are the wild-type discus and tank-bred varieties, or hybrids. Sometimes the wild-type are also wild-caught, but sometimes they are the offspring of pure wild stock that have not been crossed with other types of discus.

There are currently two species of wild discus: Symphysodon discus (Meckel), with the * subspecies d. discus (Meckel) and d. willischwartzi (pineapple), and Symphysodon aequifasciatus, with the subspecies a. aequifasciatus (green), a. haraldi (blue), and a. axelrodi (brown). Many people are

Symphysodon Haraldi Axelrodi Discus

A wild brown discus, Symphysodon aequifasciatus axelrodi, caught at Belem.

confused about this because the colors of discus vary so much based on their collecting locality. Some factions would like to lump all the discus together; some people believe that there may even be more speeies of discus than we ever suspected! Based on the thousands of photos I have examined and the reports of discus collectors, I say to you that the diseus is a fish that is relatively large, between six and ten-plus inches, laterally compressed (ilat), and that they are Heckel, pineapple, green, blue, and brown. Within these

One of the original specimens of Symphysodon discus willischwartzi from the Rio Abacaxis.

One of the original specimens of Symphysodon discus willischwartzi from the Rio Abacaxis.

Discus Aquarium PicturesWild Discus Belem
Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequi-fasciatus collected by Dr. Herbert R. AxelrocJ at Tefe, Brazil.

photo by s ribk photo by s ribk

Symphysodon Wild

Young discus are quite social animals and will stay together in a loose school.

Aquarium Discus Simple

categories, there is a great variety in shade of color, pattern, and body type. Many times I have been at a loss as to whether a fish was a dominant brown discus or a submissive blue discus. It's not so simple, and for our purposes in learning how to care for discus, not really important. What is important is that the Heckel discus is a bit more delicate than the other wild discus and that wild discus require a bit more care before they settle down in your tanks than hybrid, tank-bred discus.

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