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Discus Made Easy is the most comprehensive discus fish ebook available today. This is just a fraction of the information that you will find in this guide: The different types of tanks to choose from, and which one/s you should buy depending on what you are trying to achieve. What type of substrate you should choose depending on the type of tank you are running, and a helpful tip to save money. The advantages and disadvantages of using rocks and driftwood. How to care for your plants in your Discus Fish aquarium, and how to choose the right ones in the first place. The different types of lighting available and which sort you should choose depending on the type of tank you are running. Where you should place your aquarium in your home or office so that you dont stress your Discus Fish. A comparison of different types of filtration units available, and the ones that will best suit your needs. A detailed report on the three different types of filtration mechanical, biological and chemical. The different types of filtration media available, and which ones best suit you depending on the filter you are running. A comprehensive look at the three crucial chemicals ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, and precautions you can take to ensure that these are kept under control. An in depth analysis of Carbonate Hardness and General Hardness, including their advantages and disadvantages. A list of the most common strains of Discus and the difference between them. A checklist to choosing the healthiest Discus Fish when purchasing, and the easiest way to tell if they are poor quality. The easiest way to transport your Discus Fish to their new home, and some extra precautions you can take to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. How to introduce your Discus Fish into their new aquarium without causing too much stress. A massive list of the different types of foods available and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Two easy and effective ways to help sex your Discus Fish. More here...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Discus Fish Pro: Discus Fish Aquarium Guide

Easy To Use Guide For Buying, Raising And Breeding, Healthy Discus Fish. Lots Of Up To Date Information For The Beginner Through To The Seasoned Professional. What you'll discover in Discus Fish Pro: Factors most people forget to consider when giving the best care for your discus fish? Best Places to Buy Discus fish and what to look out for! What are the vital characteristics of a healthy discus fish? What are the most important factors to consider when setting up an aquarium for your discus fish? Understanding the different types of aquarium and how to pick the right one for your discus fish? A checklist of the exact equipment you'll need to setup and run your discus tank properly! What are the three (3) key signs that a discus fish is healthy? How to maintain accurate water conditions in your aquarium, so your discus remains active and disease free. 8 Essential characteristics you should look for when buying your discus. An entire chapter devoted to breeding your discus step-by-step instructions from start to finish. Comprehensive knowledge on discus diseases how to identify sickness quickly and how to cure your discus effectively! The 8 tank mates that are compatible with discus fish and 7 that should be avoided at all costs! Insight into behavior patterns and habits that make this one of the most unique tropical fish you can own. Prevent the two common tank conditions that threaten your aquatic companions. New tank syndrome and how to help your discus get through it. Fish types you should never add to your aquarium. An important one! Put your discus with the wrong fish and they could eat them alive! (or vice versa). More here...

Discus Fish Pro Discus Fish Aquarium Guide Summary

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Author: Tom Rollins
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Plants Real Or Plastic

Plants can make a good aquarium a terrific aquarium or they can make a good aquarium a depressing mess. Aquarium plants have a set of needs of their own and not all plants are suitable for the warm acidic water of the discus aquarium. Some species of plants that do very well in the discus tank are Java fern, Java moss, sword plants, onion plants, species of Vallisneria, cryptocorynes, water sprite, and species of Aponogeton. By all means consult a book specifically about aquatic plants for important information on the proper care of aquarium plants. There are many advantages to including plants in the discus aquarium, but you will only realize these benefits if you take some simple steps to ensure that the plants you keep will be strong, healthy specimens.

Preparing For Discus37

Pour some vinegar on a sample. If it fizzes, don't use it in the discus aquarium. If it doesn't, rinse it off and carry on. Driftwood helps to soften the water as it adds tannins to the water. This is very much preferred by discus and one of the reasons, besides the fact that the discus's preferred home is among roots, that driftwood is a staple in the discus aquarium. The heater you choose for your discus aquarium must be of top quality The high temperatures required by discus don't leave much room for error. Yes, use one of the newer submersible heaters. Use two for larger tanks. 1 would prefer to see two heaters in any tank larger than 50 gallons. A 30-gallon discus tank is served well by a 150-watt heater, Less than

Companions For Discus

Discus Fish Disease Guide

Many fishes carry parasites without problems for their entire lives. These same parasites could be devastating to a discus in the aquarium. Because of this, it is critical that you quarantine and debug any fish that you want to introduce to your discus aquarium. Follow the guidelines in the chapter on discus health before introducing any new fishes, discus or otherwise, to your discus community. Do not forget to quarantine and treat all fishes that are to be included in Ore discus aquarium

Starting With Discus

It is the purpose of this book to prepare the aquarisl to keep discus successfully. Learning about where the fish comes from ill nature is essential lo understanding why the fish has certain requirements for its care in the aquarium. If these few basic requirements are respected, given that you have started with healthy fish, there is no reason, in my mind, why everyone cannot enjoy and keep these exceptions fish. angelfishes, oscars, convict cichlids, dwarf cichlids, and African cichlids. All these, and many more, are relatives of the genus Symphysodon, to which the different species of discus belong.


Not want to use for a discus aquarium include crushed oyster shell and dolomite. In the rare instance that your water is too soft for discus, the use of these materials in a filter box may be appropriate, but they are definitely out of the question for use as the substrate.

Chemical Filtration

Some tanks do quite well without any type of chemical filtration at all. Frequent small water changes are employed to remove nitrates and other toxins. However, water chemistry varies radically in different areas and chemical filtration is sometimes necessary simply to keep the fish alive. If, for example, your tap water is very high in phosphates or nitrates, you may find that your fishes don't do well until you pretrcat the water with specific resins or activated carbon. While it is not within the scope of this book to go into great depth on water chemistry, be aware that there is virtually no water that cannot be made suitable to keep even such a delicate species as discus. Water chemistry is a fascinating study and in some areas it may be necessary to become quite adept at water chemistry and water treatment before you ean keep discus successfully.

Activated Carbon

Humic acids that reduce pH and acts as a natural ion exchanger and reduces carbonate hardness in the water. Peat will also bind up some of the heavy metals and other toxins that may be present in the water. The active compounds in peat are also present in the natural black waters of the discus. It is all-natural and does wonders in the discus aquarium. True peat filtration will color the water, but if the behavior of discus in peat-filtered water is any indication, discus really like amber-colored water Peat filtration often triggers spawning in fish that have been flirting outrageously for months with no results

Wildtype Discus

Wild Discus Belem

There are currently two species of wild discus Symphysodon discus (Meckel), with the * subspecies d. discus (Meckel) and d. willischwartzi (pineapple), and Symphysodon aequifasciatus, with the subspecies a. aequifasciatus (green), a. haraldi (blue), and a. axelrodi (brown). Many people are A wild brown discus, Symphysodon aequifasciatus axelrodi, caught at Belem. One of the original specimens of Symphysodon discus willischwartzi from the Rio Abacaxis. One of the original specimens of Symphysodon discus willischwartzi from the Rio Abacaxis. Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequi-fasciatus collected by Dr. Herbert R. AxelrocJ at Tefe, Brazil. Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequi-fasciatus collected by Dr. Herbert R. AxelrocJ at Tefe, Brazil.

Discus Health

I place this chapter before the breeding chapter because without good health your discus will not live long enough to spawn or simply will not be healthy enough to reproduce. While it is not the goal of every discus keeper to spawn their fish, to keep discus and never witness this beautiful sight would be frustrating in the extreme to most of us.

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