Table 2 Patent databases


Content Size (records)

Producer Sources

Access (host)

WPI (World Patent Index)

Patents (science, technology) 14.5 million patent families

INPADOC (International Patent Documentation Center Database)

PCI (Patents Citation Index)


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International patents (patent families, legal status data) c. 34 million patent families with over 50 million patents issued from 77 organizations

International patents

(science, technology) with citations 6.5 million patent families with > 66 million citations

US patents full text 4 million patents

Patents full text 50 million patents

Thomson Derwent http:// products/patentresearch/ dwpi

Published patent documents from 41 patent offices/ authorities (since 1963)

EPO:48 index.htm Published patent documents from 65 patent offices/ authorities (since 1968)

Thomson Derwent:46 (since 1973)

USPTO: http:// (since 1790)

EPO: complete patent collections of major countries, time coverage of others variable

Examples of specialized bibliographic and full-text patent databases that cover only certain countries

Derwent Innovations Index: products/dii STN: http://www.stn- databases/wpidswpx.html Dialog: bluesheets/html/bl0351.html Questel-Orbit: http:// customersupport/Userdoc/ Fctsht/dwpi.PDF databases/inpadoc.html Dialog: bluesheets/html/bl0345.html databases/dpci.html Dialog: bluesheets/html/bl0342.html Free on the web: http:// index.html Free on the web: http://




Japanese patents 8.5 million patents

Chemical, mechanical and electrical US patents with special indexing >5.2 million patents

German patents, full-text 1.8 million patents

Japanese Patent Office Japanese patent applications (since 1973)

IFI Claims US patents (since 1950)

DPMA German patent documents (since 1987) databases/japio.html Dialog: bluesheets/html/bl0347.html Dialog: bluesheets/html/bl0340.html STN: http://www.stn- databases/ifipat.html STN: http://www.stn- databases/patdpafull.html

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