Virus Characteristics

CMV is morphologically similar to other herpesviruses and is the largest member of the family (2). The virus consists of a 64-nm core enclosed by a 110-nm icosahedral capsid. The capsid is surrounded by a poorly defined amorphous tegument that itself is surrounded by a loosely applied, lipid-containing tegument (2). The genome of CMV consists of linear double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule approx 240 kb (3,4). The genome of CMV is similar to that of herpes simplex virus in that it has long and short unique segments, both of which are bounded by homologous repetitive sequences. The CMV genome is approx 50% larger than herpes simplex virus and encodes for at least 35 structural proteins and an undefined number of nonstructural proteins (5). Although the replication of CMV is very similar to that described for herpes simplex virus, the replicative cycle is much slower than for herpes simplex (6).

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