13.1 Introduction

13.1.1 The need for integration

13.1.2 Noise sources in recording

13.1.3 MEMS neuroprosthetic system outlines CNS applications PNS applications

13.1.4 Power dissipation in integrated circuits Semiconductor basics Bipolar The MOSFET The JFET

13.2 Elements of a system

13.2.1 The neuron-transistor junction

13.2.2 General Clocks and oscillators Power-on reset and mode control Integrators Phase-locked loops

13.2.3 Recording Signal preamplifiers Filtering Analog-to-digital converters

13.2.4 Stimulation Voltage-output DACs Current output DACs

13.2.5 Elements specific to CNS prostheses

13.2.6 Elements specific to PNS prostheses Voltage regulation Communication schemes

13.2.7 Elements specific to retina prostheses

13.2.8 Other elements 13.3 Future directions Acknowledgments References

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