Adipose Tissue

There are two types of adipose tissue: unilocular (white) and multilocular (brown) adipose tissue. Adipose tissue arises from the pluripotent mesenchymal cells and later from cells of the reticular connective tissue, which can produce grape like fatty tissue lobes also. The reticulum cells store fat droplets that will finally coalesce to one large drop. In the process, the cells become rounder. This often creates remarkably large, about 100 |im wide, vacuole cells. Their nuclei and cytoplasm are squeezed to the cell periphery (signet-ring form). In the usual histological routine preparations (paraffin sections), alcohol and xylene have dissolved the fat and removed it from the tissue. This creates empty spaces without stain, which are usually defined as fat vacuoles. In this figure, numerous unilocular fat cells (adipocytes, lipo-cytes) □ pervade the interstitial space of the connective tissue of the striated musculature [2; at the top left is a section through an artery [3 (see Fig. 174). Unilocular adipose tissue is richly vascularized and contains nerves. Unilocular fat cells (adipocytes, lipocytes); fatty tissue lobe in the interstitial connective tissue of the musculature [2.

1 Adipocytes 3 Artery

2 Striated muscle fibers

Stain: hemalum-eosin; magnification: x 300

Sudan Adipose TissueFat Cells Microscopy

Several large, spherical fat cells (adipocytes) close to the blood vessels, which run through the human greater omentum. The dense piles of cells are the milk spots, which consist of lymphocytes, reticulum cells and macrophages. In freshly isolated tissue, they appear as opaque milky patches. The histological determination of fat requires fresh tissue or formalin-fixed tissue. Intra-cellular fatty substances can then be more or less intensely stained using li-pophilic (fat-soluble) dyes, such as Sudan ¡¡I or scarlet red. Unilocular fatty tissue (cf. Fig. 173); whole-mount preparation, not a tissue ^ section.

lo Stain: hematoxylin-eosin-scarlet red; magnification: x 80

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  • selassie
    Why nuclei and cytoplasm of adipose cells appear squeezed to the cell periphery?
    7 years ago
  • Meaza
    Why do nuclei and cytoplasm of most adipose cells appear sqyeezed to the cell periphery?
    4 years ago
    Why do nuclei and cytoplasm of most adipose cells apper squeeze to the cell periphery?
    4 years ago
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    How to prepared brown adipose tissue for electron microscopy?
    2 months ago

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