Adrenal Gland Glandula Suprarenalis

The adrenal gland is enveloped by a fiber-rich connective tissue capsule H. Above it, there is a layer of vascularized loose connective tissue with many adipocytes. The zona glomerulosa [2 is the outermost narrow layer of the cortex. The epithelial cells in this zone have formed round aggregates or nests. The underlying cells are part of the wide zona fasciculata [3. The cells are arranged in lightly stained strands and columns. The zona reticularis [4 follows without demarcation. It is a loose web-like tissue (cf. Fig.353c), which borders on the medulla. Part of the ectodermal medulla E is visible on the right of this figure.

1 Capsule

2 Zona glomerulosa

3 Zona fasciculata

4 Zona reticularis

5 Medulla

6 Medullary vein

Stain: azan; magnification: x 25

Suprarenalis Suprarenalis Glandular Cell

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