Annulate Lamellae

Annulate lamellae are a specialized form of smooth endoplasmic reticulum membrane^ They articulate from the nuclear membrane and form concentric layers of lamellae or, as seen here, membrane stacks^The cisternae show po-recomplexes H, which are identical to those of the nuclear pore complexes (cf Fig-11)^ Osmiophilic material is more abundant in the pore regions. Annulate lamellae are prevalent in cells with a high membrane turnover, such as tumor cells, testicular Sertoli cells and gametes^This figure shows details from a human oocyte^

1 Pores with osmiophilic material

2 Mitochondria

3 Granular ER (rER)

Electron microscopy; magnification: x 50 000

Annulate Lamellae

oo The Golgi apparatus was named after Camillo Golgi (Nobel Prize 1906), who ID discovered this cell structure in nerve cells (1898) and assigned it the role of a ^ cell organelle. The Golgi apparatus is ubiquitous in cells. The figure shows spinal ganglion cells with cytoplasmic structures in the form of black rods, hooks or loops H. In differentiated polar cells from exocrine glands, they are located in the apical third of the cell, frequently in close proximity to secretory granules (see Figs. 33-37). Inspired by its appearance, Golgi named this cell structure the inner reticular apparatus ("apparato reticolare interno"). The Golgi apparatus is not stained in routine histological preparations. However, components of the Golgi apparatus can reduce metal ions.

1 Golgi apparatus (apparato reticolare interno)

2 Ganglia nucleus with clearly visible nucleolus

3 Nuclei in satellite cells

Stain: Kopsch-Kolatschew osmium stain; magnification: x 260

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