Cardiac Muscle MyocardiumLeft Ventricle

2 Section from a longitudinally cut cardiac muscle cell with central nucleus CD (cf. Fig. 238, 240). The sarcomeres of the "cardiac muscle fibers" have in prin-5 ciple the same striation pattern as the striated skeletal muscle fibers (cf. Figs. 226, 227, 230, 231). However, in cardiac muscle sarcomeres are not arranged strictly parallel in separate columns, but form a branched three-dimensional web (cf. Figs. 238,240). Note the mitochondria [2, which are arranged in columns between the microfilament bundles. In the nuclear cones are the sar-coplasm, mitochondria and, in numbers that increase with age, granules with the wear-and-tear pigment lipofuscin. In the lower right is a capillary [3.

1 Nucleus of cardiomyocyte

2 Mitochondria

3 Capillary

Electron microscopy; magnification: x 2500

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