Ergastoplasm Nissl Bodies

The cytoplasm of multipolar neurons from the columna anterior of the spinal cord contains a dense distribution of fine or coarse bodies, which can be emphasized by staining with cresyl violet. They are called Nissl bodies or Nissl substance H (tigroid bodies), after Franz Nissl (1860-1919), who discovered them. Electron microscopy identifies groups of polysomes and components of the rough (granular) endoplasmic reticulum (ergastoplasm ) as the structures that correspond to the Nissl bodies (cf. Figs. 21-25, 250, 251).

1 Nissl bodies (substance)

2 Nucleus with nucleoli

3 Dendrites

4 Glial cell nuclei

Stain: cresyl violet; magnification: x 800

Nissl Bodies Cresyl Violet

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