Multipolar Nerve Cells Cerebral Cortex

Camillo Golgi (1883) developed the method of silver impregnation and with it, he provided the light for a view of a plethora of different structures in and around nerve cells. Silver impregnation shows the cell body and all its processes as a black cell silhouette against a yellow-brown or red-brown background. It is characteristic of the Golgi method to only capture one of several cells and their processes but, in a somewhat capricious way, capture it down to their most minute detail (cf. Figs. 676, 677). These detailed images make the Golgi method invaluable for research into the structure of neurons and the distribution of their synapses, even today. This picture shows two large pyramidal cells from the human cerebral cortex.

Stain: Golgi silver impregnation; x300

Multipolar Nerve

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