Odontogenesis II

The adjacent mesenchyme around the tooth germ has condensed to the dental papilla H. The beginning separation of the dental sac [2 and the dense population of cells in the dental papilla are already discernible. The multi-layered internal enamel epithelium [3 is located at the inner surface of the cap enameloid. The layer of cells, which borders on the surrounding mesen-chyme 0, forms the external enamel epithelium ffl at the outer surface of the cu cap enameloid (cf. Fig.390). Fetus (crown-rump length = 3.2 cm).

^ 1 Dental papilla 6 Proliferated epithelium of the oral cavity

2 Dental sac 7 Dental lamina

S 3 Internal enamel epithelium 8 Permanentteeth ridge

4 External enamel epithelium 9 Stellate reticulum

ยก^ 5 Jaw mesenchyme

Stain: hematoxylin-eosin; magnification: x 80

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