Parathyroid Gland

cu The parathyroid glands (glandulae parathyroideae) consist of epithelial cell clusters that are about as big as a wheat kernel. They are richly vascularized. q Fat cells and an occasional colloid-containing follicle interrupt the parathy-"o roid tissue organization. Based on their affinity to dyes, three cell types can uu be distinguished in light microscopy: 1, clear chief cells (lightly stained cells); 2, dark chief cells; and 3, oxyphilic cells (chromophilic cells, Welsh cells). The parathyroid glands biosynthesize parathormone (PTH), which regulates the levels of calcium and phosphate ions, including the blood calcium level.

1 Oxyphilic cell

2 Main light cell

3 Connective tissue

Stain: azan; magnification: x 400

Chief Cells

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