Small Intestine Jejunum

Longitudinal section of the jejunal wall from an adult human. The picture shows the outer membrane between two circular plicae. Therefore, no Kerck-ring folds are present (see Figs. 418, 420). Closer toward the ileum, the distances between plicae widen. Note the configuration of the villi □. The un-branched tubular intestinal glands (Lieberkuhn glands, crypts of Lieberkuhn) [2 are present between shorter villi. The band of the tunica muscularis 14 is demonstrated parallel to the lower edge of the figure. The circular layer shows vertical, heavily stained bands (red). These are artifacts. Cutting has pushed the tissue components together.

1 Intestinal villi 3 Tela submucosa

2 Crypts of Lieberkuhn 4 Tunica muscularis Stain: azan; magnification: x 25

Jejunum Azan

The high jejunal plicae (Kerckring's folds) are supported by the connective tissue of the tela submucosa. The submucosa □ of the looped fold runs parallel to the lower edge of the photomicrograph. The density of microvilli that cover the plicae decreases toward the ileum. The long, often flattened villi [2 look like fingers or clubs. The number of goblet cells increases toward the distal side. Note the short crypts O with copious Paneth cells (cf. Fig.417). Brun-ner's glands do not occur in the jejunum (cf. Fig. 419). The connective tissue of the villi [4 contains free cells, lymphocytes and plasma cells, macrophages, eosinophilic granulocytes and mast cells (cf. Fig.413-416).

1 Tela submucosa

2 Villi intestinales

3 Crypts

4 Lamina propria mucosae (connective tissue of the villi)

Stain: azan; magnification: x 80

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