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Administration of the CSQ and SSS Scales in Other Cultural and Language Contexts

We anticipate several potential non-English and cross-cultural contexts for the use of the scales. These might include (1) minority non-English speaking clients where few staff (e.g., the client's clinician) speak the client's language (2) specialty clinics for minority non-English speaking clients where most or all clinicians and support staff speak the client's language (3) clinics with multiethnic, non-English speaking clients using a variety of languages, where some staff speak the client's language, or are assisted by interpreters and, (4) non-U.S. settings where the clients and staff speak the same non-English language. Each of these situations may call for different administration techniques in regards to who determines the language and literacy competence of the client and evaluates if the questionnaire can be self-administered or if the clients will need assistance, who explains the questionnaire to the client, and who administers the questionnaire or assists with the...

Neuronal Representations Knowledge Stores

Reason for the decline of the localizationist approach is not fully known, but there were probably two major factors. The first was a change in the political-philosophical Zeitgeist. Most of the early localizationist work was done on the European continent, primarily in France and Germany. After the First World War these continental European powers lost much of their power and their influence on Western thought, but the English-speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom flourished. The Anglo-American social and political systems were strongly influenced by the philosophic writings of John Locke, who proposed that the brain was like a tabula rasa or a blank wax tablet. Unlike the modularity hypothesis that suggests anatomic specialization, the tabula rasa is uniform and featureless until it receives impressions gained by experience.

Neuropsychological Battery Considerations

The administration of neuropsychological tests follows standardized procedures. However, sensitivity to the subtle nuances of cross-cultural interactions with minority clients (e.g., level of formality, comfort and confidence with testing, eye contact, increased importance of rapport) will enhance the evaluation and elicit better test performance. One of the primary challenges encountered with test administration among diverse populations is the assessment of non-native English speakers.

Atherina spp See Silversides

Spanish-speaking colonists applied the name 'bacalao' to many large fishes unrelated to *cod, but locally abundant in parts of Central and South America, just as English-speaking colonists used 'cod' as common *name for different fishes in North America, Australia, South Africa, etc.

When the Union Bank launched another 100 New York City theater is on Broadway When the Union Square Theater in Manhattan

Even more abstract levels of representation of language meaning are possible. For example, after years of exposure to language and co-occurring sensory and action representations, modules can form that represent sets of commonly encountered lower-abstraction-level symbols. Via the SRE mechanism (a type of thought process), such symbols take on a high level of abstraction, as they become linked (directly, or via equivalent symbols) to a wide variety of similar-meaning symbol sets. Such symbol sets need not be complete to be able to (via confabulation) trigger activation of such high-abstraction representations. In language, these highest-abstraction-level symbols often represent words For example, when you activate the symbol for the word joy, this can mean joy as a word, or joy as a highly abstract concept. This is why in human thought the most exalted abstract concepts are made specific by identifying them with words or phrases. It is also common for these most abstract symbols to...

Derivation of preference weights

A total of 435 English-speaking adults were drawn from several primary care clinics as well as two college campuses in San Diego. The final sample included 239 females (56 ) and 191 males between the ages of 18 and 85 (mean age 38 years). Distribution by age, gender, and ethnicity approximated those reported in the 1990 U.S. census.

Psychometric Properties of the QWBSA

The initial published report of the psychometric properties of the QWB-SA included a test of the impact of mode of administration on overall scores as well as test-retest reliability (Kaplan, Sieber, and Ganiats, 1997). Using the same preferences weights in the scoring algorithm for both the interviewer-administered QWB and the QWB-SA, a 2 x 2(Mode x Time) factorial design allowed for two types of comparison to detect differences between the two modes of administration using the same scoring algorithm, and to assess the stability of scores on each instrument over a 4 week time period. Each of 218 English-speaking adults recruited from primary care clinics were assigned to one of four groups that differed in mode of administration at each time point 1) interviewer-interviewer, 2) interviewer-SA, 3) SA-SA and 4) SA-interviewer. As Table 1 suggests, the two measures yielded nearly identical scores at both the baseline and the one-month evaluations (with all main effects and interactions...

Flax Linum usitatissimum Linaceae

Flax, the second most important fibrous plant, is the most important of the bast fibers. In English-speaking countries the name is applied to the fiber as well as to the plant, while the name linen is given to the yarns and fabrics produced from flax fiber. However in other countries the name lin, lino,

Speaking Contexts

The CSQ and SSS scales were developed as multi-purpose instruments for use across the spectrum of health and human services. It is also important to evaluate client satisfaction among non-English speaking and bilingual ethnic minority clientele. In evaluating satisfaction in ethnic minority, non-U.S., or non-English speaking contexts it is important to keep in mind factors that are the most important qualities of service to clients. Different sociocultural world views can affect the way health-related experiences and information may be understood, utilized, and evaluated cultural groups vary in what they consider to be important and desirable qualities (Ellmer & Olbrisch, 1983, p. 275). While certain generalizations can be made about particular ethnic and language groups, a recipe approach is not recommended for dealing with an individual from any group. Individuals will vary considerably in respect to such characteristics as concepts of satisfaction, language preferences (e.g.,...

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