Figure 1, Effect of mild trypsin digestion on CPT I activity in permeabilized hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were preincu bated for 15 min in the absence (open circles) or in the presence (filled circles) of 0.5 |iM OA. Cells were then permeabilized with digitonin and thorougly washed with digitonin-free medium as described in reí,10 Permeabilized hepatocytes were subsequently resuspended at 1.5-2.0 mg protein ml"1 and treated with varying concentrations of trypsin at 4°C. Trypsin action was stopped after 2min and CPT I activity was subsequently determined in those permeabilized hepatocytes. Results correspond to 4 different cell preparations, inset: Mitochondria were isolated from permeabilized hepatocytes that had been treated without (lane a) or with (lane b) )7.5pgml~' trypsin and CPT I was detected by Western blotting. The arrow points to the 88-kDa band.

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