Sample Preparation

In this study, to 50jj.I plasma or serum 50pi standard 1 (23.5pmol/L 2H3-free carnitine in H20) and 50 pi standard 2 (10pmol/L 2H3-C2, 2pmol/L 2H3-C8 and 2pmol/L

2H3-C16 carnitine in acetonitrile) were added. Samples were mixed and subsequently deproteinized with 500 p.1 acetonitrile and centrifuged. The resulting supernatant was dried under nitrogen at 45 °C, and subsequently derivatized in 100 pi butanolic-HCl for 15 min at 60 °C. Samples were dried under nitrogen at 45 °C and redissolved in 300pi acetonitrile. Prior to injection, 70 pi of the acetonitrile containing the acyl-carnitines was mixed with 30 pi H20.

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