Computer Software Construction

Although more sophisticated programming tools are available, e.g., Code Warrior (Metrowerks), Java language code may be written using any simple text editor. That code then may be compiled and packaged on Windows PCs, using tools in the Java Development Kit available from Sun Microsystems' Java Web site (, or on a Macintosh using tools available from the Apple Web site ( Also available at those Web sites are the Java Runtime Environments to allow execution of the resultant program on each respective target system. For programmers with no prior Java language experience, an excellent source of help for construction of the software components is the Java tutorial on the Sun Microsystems Web site (http://java/ books/tutorial/).

Analysis Program Construction

The analysis program should have the usual displays and controls already familiar to operators. There must be space in a "properties" or "preferences" dialog window to allow operator entry of a network address or universal resource locator (URL) for the remote servlet. Thereafter, the dialog between it and the remote servlet should be invisible to the operator. In functional terms, the modifications, compared to a conventional data analysis program, should include duplication of the file reading and data extraction section, as shown diagrammatically in Figure 10.12.1. In terms of the Java language, a typical transaction proceeds as follows:

1. Open a connection to the servlet

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