Toxicity testing of food chemicals and foods

In order to outline the way in which adverse effects of foods and food chemicals are currently measured and the underlying mechanisms are examined, the toxicity (testing) of food chemicals, food products, and foods will be discussed along the following lines:

In essence, two lines are combined using this approach: one from single substances to complex mixtures, and the other from studies in experimental animals to studies in humans. The combination of both lines ends in the assessment of toxicological risks due to foods and food products (complex mixtures) in humans, including high-risk groups. The titles of the various chapters reflect this approach.

This chapter begins with a brief description of a number of general toxicological principles (Section 8.4) followed by a discussion of the above-mentioned major problems facing food toxicologists (Sections 8.5 and 8.6). Further, a short survey is given of the toxicology of the various categories of food components (Section 8.7). Next, the topics discussed in the other seven chapters of Part 2 are touched upon (Section 8.8). Finally, the characteristics and practical aspects of toxicity testing of food chemicals and (complex) food products are described (Section 8.9).

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