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15.1 Introduction

15.2 Epidemiology

15.2.1 Introduction

15.2.2 Disease frequency parameters

15.2.3 Effect parameters

15.2.4 Types of epidemiological studies Experimental studies Observational studies (non-experimental studies) Cross-sectional studies Follow-up studies (cohort studies) Case-control studies Ecological studies

15.2.5 Precision and validity

15.2.6 Causality

15.3 Nutritional epidemiology

15.3.1 Methods for measuring food intake Record method Interview method Food frequency method

15.3.2 Calculation of nutrient intake from food intake

15.3.3 Analysis of dietary data

15.4 Application of biomarkers in epidemiology

15.4.1 Introduction

15.4.2 Examples of biomarkers of dietary intake

15.5 Dietary factors and the risk of cancer

15.6 Summary Reference and reading list of food

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