Development And Evolution Of Neurons

Almost as early as multicellular animals evolved, neurons have been part of their tissues. Metazoan nervous systems range in complexity from the simple nerve net of the jellyfish to the billions of specifically interconnected neuron assemblies of the human brain. Nevertheless, the neurons and nervous systems of all multicellular animals share many common features. Voltage-gated ion channels are responsible for action potentials in the neurons of hydras, as they are in people. Synaptic transmission between neurons in nerve nets is basically the same as that in the cerebral cortex in humans (Figure 1.1). This book describes the mechanisms responsible for the generation of these nervous systems, highlighting examples from a variety of organisms. Despite the great diversity in the nervous systems of various organisms, underlying principles of neural development have been maintained throughout evolution.

It is appropriate to begin a book concerned with the development of the nervous system with an evolutionary perspective. The subjects of embryology and evolution have long shared an interrelated intellectual history. One of the major currents of late-nineteenth-century biology was that a description of the stages of development would provide the key to the path of evolution of life. The phrase "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" was important at the start of experimental embryology (Gould, 1970). Although the careful study of embryos showed that they did not resemble the adult forms of their ancestors, it is clear that new forms are built upon the structures of biological predecessors. One aim of this book is to show how an understanding of the development of the nervous system will give us insight into its evolution. It is also wise to remember, as Dobzhansky pointed out, that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."

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