This atlas is intended for those individuals involved in investigating causes of injury and death. The user does not have to be a physician or pathologist to benefit from this text. In fact, this atlas was not put together specifically for that audience. The intent is to show different causes of injury with case examples for the investigator who can use additional "visuals" in understanding the work they perform. This is not to say that pathologists will not see different types of cases or injuries than in their previous experiences. I am constantly amazed how often I see or hear about something I have not encountered before. I do not believe anyone will ever see it all. That is what makes this field so interesting and exciting.

No atlas can be completely comprehensive and include everything in a particular field. This one is no exception. I believe it does contain much of the basic information which forensic pathologists deal with on a day-to-day basis. The reader will hopefully gain some insight in the many different types of causes of deaths we deal with and how the manners (accident, homicide, suicide, and natural) of death are diagnosed. If the reader understands the information in this text and thinks it can be helpful, then I feel I have been successful.

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