International Society on Hypertension in Blacks ISHIB

ISHIB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and life expectancy of ethnic populations in the United States and around the world. The organization was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1986 to respond to the problem of high blood pressure among African Americans and has since broadened its mission to include the total spectrum of ethnicity and disease.

ISHIB aims at stimulating research and clinical investigation; disseminating scientific findings to aid in the understanding of differences in obesity, hypertension, and other health issues among ethnic groups; promoting public awareness of the harmful effects of hypertension, especially among African Americans; educating the public on ways to prevent the complications of hypertension; and developing health-related programs to improve the quality of life and health expectancy in ethnic minority populations worldwide.

ISHIB sponsors yearly international conferences at different geographical locations, attracting people in the medical and health care professions from throughout the world who want to learn at first hand the latest in research and clinical practice.

ISHIB publishes a newsletter, as well as a quarterly journal, Ethnicity and Disease.

Address: 2045 Manchester Street N.E., Atlanta, GA 30324 Web Site:

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