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Procedures to promote, appraise, and protect the health of schoolchildren. Services may be provided by physicians, nurses, teachers, dentists, dietitians, school counselors, and others (Brandon, 1993; Yates, 1994).

School health services provide first aid and care for students who may become injured or ill at school; immunization; and screening for dental caries, sickle cell anemia, and other conditions.

"School health services are that part of the school health program provided by physicians, nurses, dentists, health educators, other allied health personnel, social workers, teachers and others to appraise, protect and promote the health of students and school personnel. These services are designed to insure access to and the appropriate use of primary health care services, prevent and control communicable disease, provide emergency care for injury or sudden illness, promote and provide optimum sanitary conditions in a safe school facility and environment, and provide concurrent learning opportunities which are conducive to the maintenance and promotion of individual and community health" (1990 Joint Committee on Health Education Terminology, 1991, p. 106). See School Health.

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