Aural Atresia Longer Term Hearing Status

Source / Year No. of Patients Follow-up (yr) Hearing Parameter Success (%)

Bellucci (1981)9 45 >2 Hearing level < 30 dB 53

Chandrasekhar et al. (1995)14 42 Mean 2.6 Conductive deficit < 30 dB 60

many tympanoplasty procedures involving reconstruction of the ossicular chain. Like chronic ear surgery, some decrement in hearing is to be expected over time9'13'14 (Table 70-2) and revision surgery may be necessary. In my experience, approximately 60% of patients will achieve an excellent initial hearing result of 10 to 25 dB SRT. Approximately 75% of these individuals will maintain this level of hearing longer term (follow-up: mean 2.8 years, range 1 to 7.5 years). Considering all patients, revision surgery will be necessary in approximately one-third of cases. The most frequent complication requiring secondary surgery is stenosis of the external ear canal. Even for the highly successful stapedectomy, approximately 20% of patients will experience a significant recurrent conductive hearing loss after successful air-bone gap closure if follow up extends beyond 5 years.15

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