Cochlear Implants in Congenitally Deaf Children

"Some members of the deaf community believe that hearing parents are not capable of making appropriate decisions for their deaf children since they are not members of the same community and culture."

Thomas J. Balkany

"Some children can communicate extremely well using the auditory/oral modality and acquire age-appropriate language skills, whereas other children display only minimal spoken word recognition skills or demonstrate severe language delay, or both. Accounting for this enormous variability in the effectiveness of CIs on a wide range of outcome measures presents the most serious challenge facing cochlear implant clinicians and researchers today."

Richard T. Miyamoto

"Although the early cortical plasticity research could be taken to argue for implantation during the first year of life, it seems to explain why some congenitally deaf children who are implanted early do not make progress. If the auditory cortex and complex brain underpinnings for spoken language cannot be awakened to sensory stimulation in this way, the value of an implant would be expected to be restricted."

Laura W. Kretschmer

Cochlear Implants in Congenitally Deaf Children

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