Facial skin rejuvenation continues to be one of the most popular procedures performed by facial plastic surgeons. Many options are available for the treatment of photoaged skin. As newer technologies continue to develop, the best modality for a given problem may not be obvious. Although it is important that facial plastic surgeons have an understanding of all skin resurfacing procedures, it is even more imperative that they gain experience in the techniques they most commonly use. As no single skin resurfacing procedure can be used for all patients, the most successful outcome will be achieved when the treatment is individualized for each patient. Overall, skin resurfacing procedures remain one of the most rewarding procedures for both the patient and the surgeon.


Mangat and Mendelsohn—CHAPTER 30

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Alloplastic or Homograft Implantation for Nasal Reconstruction

"Although alloplastic implants are plentiful and easy to shape and provide a natural contour under the skin, these materials have the heightened potential for complications and are therefore the least desirable materials to be used as a nasal graft."

Dean M. Toriumi

"Autogenous cartilage is most commonly employed for structural and augmentation grafting in the nasal tip, as well as for dorsal deformities. However, the limited availability and unpredictable resorption of both autologous and homologous implants have made newer alloplastic implants important considerations for dorsal augmentation."

William H. Beeson

"My current thesis is that we should scrupulously avoid placing implants in the nose."

Douglas G. Mann

Wrinkle Reverse

Wrinkle Reverse

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