Section 1 Role of Elective Neck Dissection for the N0 Neck 1

1 Karen T. Pitman and Jonas T. Johnson 2

2 Jesus E. Medina 6

3 Bhuvanesh Singh and Jatin P. Shah 14

Section 2 Management of Inverting Papilloma 20

4 William R. Panje and Joseph P. Allegretti 2l

5 James A. Stankiewicz 2S ó William R. Spencer and Steven D. Schaefer 29

Section 3 The Role of Chemotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer 33

7 Gary S. Gordon and Everett E. Vokes 34

8 Douglas B. Villaret and Ernest A. Weymuller, Jr. 39

9 Kerwin F. Shannon and K. Thomas Robbins 49

Section 4 Indications for UPPP in Snoring and Sleep Apnea 56

10 Thomas J. Kereiakes S7

11 Harold C. Pillsbury and Steven S. Ball S9

12 Thomas A. Tami 62

Section 5 The Role of Free Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction 66

13 Eric M. Genden and Mark L. Urken 67

14 John I. Song and Eugene N. Myers 73

15 David E. Schuller, L. Arick Forrest, and Amit Agrawal 79

Section ó Outcomes in Sinus Surgery—Management Parameters 84

16 David W. Kennedy and Erin D. Wright 35

17 Charles W. Gross and Scott E. Harrison 91

18 Richard E. Gütlich 94

Section 7 Quality-of-Life Issues in Head and Neck Cancer Management 100

19 Sharon L. Collins 101

20 Jack L. Gluckman and Tapan A. Padhya llô

21 Nancy L. Snyderman 120

Section 8 Static versus Dynamic Management of the Paralyzed Face 122

22 Kevin A. Shumrick l2S

2S Maisie L. Shindo 12S

24 Tessa A. Hadlock and Mack L. Cheney 1S4

Section 9 SMAS Surgery versus Deep-Plane Rhytidectomy 137

2S Douglas D. Dedo 1SS

2ô Frank M. Kamer and Andrew S. Frankel 142

27 Howard A. Tobin and Angelo Cuzalina 14S

Section 10 Skin Resurfacing—Laser or Peel 156

2S Leonard J. Singer 1S7

29 Milton Waner lôO

SO Devinder S. Mangat and Jon E. Mendelsohn lôS

Section 11 Alloplastic or Homograft Implantation for Nasal Reconstruction 173

51 Matthew D. Mingrone, David B. Lovice, and Dean M. Toriumi 174

52 William H. Beeson 1S2 SS Douglas G. Mann 1S7

Section 12 Management of the Draining Pressure Equalization Tube 191

54 Gordon B. Hughes 192

55 C. Gary Jackson 194 Sô Philomena Mufalli Behar and N. Wendell Todd l9ô

Section 1B Management of Cholesteatoma ZGB

57 Peter S. Roland 204

58 Joseph P. Nadol, Jr. 208

59 James I. Sheehy 214

Section 14 Acute Facial Paralysis Z1B

40 Samuel H. Selesnick 219

41 Jack I. Pulec 22S

42 Douglas A. Chen and Moisés A. Arriaga 227

Section 1S Otosclerosis Management ZBZ

4S William H. Iippy and Robert I. Daniels 2SS

45 Karl I. Horn and Stuart G. Gherini 241

Section 16 Management of the Menière's Patient Z49

46 Brian W. Blakley 250

47 Mitchell K. Schwaber 255

48 William I. Meyerhoff and Jennifer Jordan 259

Section 17 The Intracanalicular Acoustic Neuroma Z64

49 Derald E. Brackmann, Robert M. Owens, and Jose N. Fayad 265

50 Ajay Niranjan, I. Dade Iunsford, Douglas Kondziolka, and John C. Flickinger 270

51 Stephen G. Harner 276

Section 1B Temporal Bone Malignancies Z79

52 Sam E. Kinney 280

5S Sam J. Marzo and John P. Ieonetti 284

54 Sebastian Arena 287

Section 19 Perilymph Fistulae Z9G

55 F. Owen Black, Susan C. Pesznecker, and Joan St. Jean 291

56 Richard R. Gacek S00

57 John F. Kveton S0S

Section ZG Fistulae in Head and Neck Surgery BG7

58 Richard Gallagher and Paul A.Levine 308

59 Aongus J. Curran and Patrick J. Gullane 312

60 Clarence T. Sasaki, James C. Alex, and Sanchayeeta Mitra 315

Section 21 Assessment and Management of the Unknown Primary with Neck Disease BZG

ôi J. Oliver Donegan S2i

ô2 Robert P. Zitsch III and Russell B. Smith S29

ôS David J. Arnold and Henry T. Hoffman SSS

Section 22 The Parotid Neoplasm BB9

ôS Marshall Strome S44

Section ZB Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis Assessment and Management B55

ô9 Richard N. Hubbell and Judith M. Skoner SôS

Section 24 Management of the Unilateral Atretic Ear B76

70 Paul R. Lambert 377

71 Antonio De la Cruz and Bradley W. Kesser 381

72 Christopher J. Hartnick and Daniel I. Choo 386

Section 25 Airway Management of the Retrognathic Patient BBS

?S Charles M. Myer, III SS9

?4 George H. Zalzal and LenhAnh P. Tran S94

?S Eve Bluestein S9?

Section 26 Otitis Media: To Treat or Not to Treat 4GG

?ô Michael J. Rutter and Robin T. Cotton 40i

?S Charles D. Bluestone 4ii

Contents ix

Section 27

Cochlear Implants in Congenitally Deaf Children


79 Annelle V. Hodges, Thomas J. Balkany, Stacy L. Butts, and Shelly Ash

80 Richard T. Miyamoto, Karen Iler Kirk, and Laurie S. Eisenberg

81 Laura W. Kretschmer

418 422 429

Section 28

Jugular Foramen Tumors


82 Harry R. van Loveren, Khaled M. Abdel Aziz, Abhay Sanan, Michael R. Chicoine, and John M. Tew, Jr.

83 Ugo Fisch, Thomas Linder, and Phillip Chang

84 Peter G. Smith

435 449 459



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