Established Facts about Acute Facial Bells Palsy

1. No test is available to determine prognosis before it is too late to avoid risk of a poor result.5

2. Without treatment, 29% of patients with acute facial palsy have permanent disfigurement.1

3. The cause of acute facial palsy is edema of the facial nerve in the fallopian canal.3,5

4. Recovery beginning within 5 days of the onset results in 100% recovery.1

5. Surgery performed while nerve excitability tests are normal results in 100% recovery.5

* This investigation was supported in part by Ear International, Los Angeles, California

6. In Bell's palsy, edema involves only the mastoid and tympanic portions of the nerve in 85%; the labyrinthine portion is also involved in 15%. Herpes zoster oticus involves the labyrinthine segment in 66% of cases.

7. Facial nerve decompression surgery can be performed:3,5-8

a. To reach the entire facial nerve b. With no injury to the facial nerve c. Without making a mastoid cavity d. Without causing hearing loss nor vestibular loss

8. In 15% of patients with acute facial palsy, the cause is a neoplasm, and not Bell's palsy.9-11

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