Interjugular Compartment And Cranial Nerves

The junction of the anteromedial and posterolateral parts of the jugular foramen is a site of two bony prominences, the inter-jugular processes, on the opposing surfaces of the temporal and occipital bones. These processes are joined by a fibrous septum or, less commonly, an osseous bridge, which forms the inter-jugular septum between the anteromedial and posterolateral compartments. The dura over this septum has two characteristic perforations: the glossopharyngeal meatus (for CN IX) and the vagal meatus (for CN X and XI). The IPS empties into the jugular bulb between these two openings in approximately 65%, less commonly inferomedial to both openings, and rarely superolat-eral to them.13 The dura in the superolateral margins of the inter-jugular septum is characteristically thick, forming a lip, the plica occipitalis obliqua or jugular dural fold, which becomes less distinct inferomedially over the glossopharyngeal and vagal meatus.2

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