Jugular Schwannoma

Jugular schwannomas, although the second or third most common tumor of the jugular foramen, are relatively rare tumors.14 Jugular foramen schwannomas originate from CN IX, X, or XI and represent approximately 3 to 4% of intracranial neurinomas.51,52 In fact, in his 1995 review of his own cases, Samii et al.51 stated that fewer than 120 cases of schwannomas of CNs IX, X, and XI were previously reported. The term schwannoma relates to the cell of origin, the schwann cell, named after Theodor Schwann (1810-1882), the German anatomist credited with its discovery.53 Schwannomas, in general, are the most common tumor of the petrous temporal bone. In Samii's series, the ratio of acoustic schwannomas to jugular foramen schwannomas was 24 : 1.

Most patients with jugular schwannomas present with vocal cord paralysis; therefore, the vagus nerve is most often described in the literature as the site of origin of these tumors.14 Theoretically, schwannomas originating from CN X or XI displace

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