"Meticulous post-operative debridement and medical therapy are the best manner in which to achieve a successful objective and subjective outcome in the long-term. However, the cost-effectiveness of such a management strategy has never been demonstrated. Intuitively, avoidance of revision surgery with its associated costs and risks would seem advantageous."

David W. Kennedy

"By correcting the anatomic abnormalities and providing improved ventilation and drainage of the paranasal sinuses, the effects of mucosal edema, obstruction, and subsequent infection can be minimized. In turn, this provides for a cured or significantly improved patient."

Charles W. Gross

"Measurement demonstrates the relative burden of disease and the efficacy of therapy. By including cost as an outcome and understanding the relationship between health status and cost, economic models can be developed to demonstrate the relative value of procedures on the overall cost of chronic disease."

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