Richard N Hubbell

Pediatric Chronic Rhinosinusitis Assessment and Management


Michael D. Poole

This chapter is intended to guide the sophisticated consumer of otolaryngology literature through many of the challenging clinical problems for which there are no straightforward answers, no definite proofs of efficacy, and no consensus. Pediatric sinusitis, particularly those aspects that pertain to surgical therapy, is an ideal topic for such a work, especially because so few published pertinent works are intellectually sound, scientifically rigorous, and unbiased in their conclusions. Nonetheless, pediatric sinusitis is a common and important entity, and clinicians can better manage patients, families, and other clinicians through improved understanding of the diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas we face. This review includes a brief historic overview and then considers controversies and problem areas in the definition, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It is my intent to pull no punches, but rather to expose the reader to the range of critical opinions about current literature and practice.

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