Timing of Surgery

Children with bilateral aural atresia generally undergo atresiaplasty at the age of 6. Bone conducting hearing aids are essential until such time. If auricular reconstruction is to be performed, consultation with the reconstructive surgeon is necessary to coordinate timing. Microtia repair is performed before atresia repair, as the costal cartilage graft is dependent on a field free of scar tissue and an intact vascular supply. We recommend completion of the auricular reconstruction, and 2 months later, the atresiaplasty. This timing ensures precise placement of the meatus and a well-vascularized cartilage graft.9

Older patients in whom mild presbycusis in the contralateral ear has begun to develop, or patients who suffer hearing loss in the normal ear, often seek surgical evaluation for correction. They realize how important binaural hearing is to them once the hearing becomes compromised in the normal ear. These patients, with favorable anatomy, are certainly candidates for atresiaplasty. Our oldest atresia patient was 61 years of age.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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