Why We Want to Use Implants Even Though They Arent Good for Us

There are times when, after getting all one can get out of the septum, one just doesn't have enough material to build the nose one is looking for. One may not want to open the ear and try to fuss with crooked cartilage. One wants to be able to open a box and pull something out that one can easily shape into what one needs, that won't take a lot of additional time, that will give the nose the volume or the support needed, and that will complete the procedure before the vasoconstrictor wears off, and the bleeding starts.

There is nothing wrong with that logic, as it stands, but it is short sighted. It will get you out of the operating room with a happy patient, but you could very well return some day with one who is not as happy. What we need, I believe, is an alternative set of possibilities, things that we can turn to when we might otherwise be opening a box of something.

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