Cosmetic Surgery

Men are changing the way they think about their appearance—some do not want to accept what nature has given them and are willing to use cosmetic surgery to look better. Men's attitudes about cosmetic surgery are changing, too. They no longer think of it as being for women only. Once thought of as a status symbol for the wealthy and famous, cosmetic surgery is now more accepted by the general public, including men. In fact, the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed on men is increasing dramatically.

Liposuction, in which pockets of fat are suctioned from the body to improve the contour of the face, neck, trunk, or limbs, is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed on men. The second most common procedure among men is eyelid surgery, the third is nose reshaping, and the fourth is breast reduction surgery. Other types of cosmetic surgery performed on men include facelifts, facial resurfacing (skin-smoothing treatments for the face), facial implant surgery, abdominoplasty, chest implant surgery, calf implant surgery, and hair replacement surgery.

More and more men are having cosmetic surgery to look and feel younger and to give themselves a competitive edge in the workplace.

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