Headache Diary

TV" eeping a headache diary is a good way to help X\*you identify the factors that trigger your headaches so that you can take steps to prevent future headaches. Whenever you have a headache, carefully mark down the following information:

• time headache began

• time headache ended

• intensity of pain (such as mild, moderate, or severe)

• type of pain (such as aching, throbbing, or stabbing)

• location of pain

• other symptoms (such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light)

• medication taken for headache (type and amount) and results

• self-treatment for headache (such as sleep, cold compresses, or relaxation techniques) and results

• activity you were engaged in (such as sleeping or exercising) when headache began

• your location when headache began (such as indoors or outdoors)

• potential allergens nearby when headache began (such as pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, or pets)

• other environmental factors (such as noises, odors, or weather)

• food or drink consumed before headache began

• your emotional state before headache began (such as angry, stressed, or tired)

• medication you are taking for other reasons (both prescription and over the counter)

Take your headache diary with you when you visit your doctor. The information it contains will reveal any patterns related to your headaches, which is helpful for determining the triggers of your headaches and recommending appropriate treatment.

often can be reduced or prevented in people who experience frequent episodes by daily use of medication. If you have frequent headaches you will benefit from keeping a headache diary (see previous page) to track your headache triggers, symptoms, and sources of relief.

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