• braking or swerving, which could cause you to lose control of your car

• cutting off another driver or failing to signal when changing lanes

• making obscene gestures

• failing to dim high beams for oncoming traffic

• taking up multiple parking spaces or damaging another vehicle while parking

All drivers need to control their stress to avoid situations in which they become angry with discourteous or aggressive drivers. A few simple changes in the way you approach driving can significantly reduce stress, including:


114 • altering your schedule to avoid congestion

Staying • improving the comfort of your vehicle

• concentrating on being relaxed (but not to the point of being distracted)

• not driving when you are angry, upset, or overtired

As a driver, you cannot control traffic, only your reaction to it. Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. Assume that other drivers' mistakes are not intentional or aimed at you personally.

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