Decontamination Cathartics

Use: Most organic and inorganic materials, ASA, acetaminophen, barbiturates, glu-tethamide, phenytoin, theophylline, TCAs. Dose: Early (within 1-4 hours) administration of a flavored 8:1 water slurry, 10:1 AC drug, 1-2 g/kg body weight (bw). Side effects: Vomiting, aspiration, diarrhea, later constipation, possibly small bowel obstruction (SBO); AC is usually combined with a cathartic, particularly 70% sorbitol preferred over Mg citrate.

Decontamination: Multi-Dose AC (MDAC)


Chemistry: Saline and glucose-based cathartics composed of nonabsorbable cations (Mg, Na) that establish an osmotic gradient to draw water into gut.

Mechanism: Magnesium citrate and sorbitol are osmotic cathartics.

Contraindications: Adynamic ileus — SBO, abdominal trauma, diarrhea, renal failure (Mg citrate), more than initial dose of MDAC. Oil-based cathartics (mineral oil) are hydrocarbons (HCs), increase aspiration risk, and increase HC and mothball absorption.

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