Etiologies of Hypoglycemia

Pathophysiological: Endocrinopathy (Addi-son's disease, Sheehan's syndrome); neoplasms (insulinomas, multiple endocrine adenomatosis [MEA] type I); liver disease (alcoholism, cirrhosis); chronic renal failure (CRF) and hemodialy-sis; miscellaneous (AIDS, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy).

Drug-induced: Oral hypoglycemic agents, par-enteral insulin preparations. Food or drug potentiation of hypoglycemic agents: Foods (unripe Jamaican ackee fruit-hypoglycin [vomiting, hypoglycemia, CNS depression, seizures], ethanol); drugs (ACE inhibitors, ß-blockers, chloramphenicol, diso-pyramide, MAOIs, quinine-quinidine, salicy-lates, sulfonamides).

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