Ventricular Tachycardia VT

Chloral hydrate and all halogenated hydrocarbons that sensitize the myocardium to exogenous and endogenous catecholamines. Propoxyphene: Junctional tachycardia, widening QRS complex ^ VT.

Phenothiazines: Quinidine-LA effects = prolonged QT interval and widened QRS complex ^ VT.

Chloroquine: Also has quinidine-like effects = prolonged QT intervals ^ VT. Amantadine: Blocks dopamine re-uptake, prolonged QT interval ^ VT. Botanicals: Monkshood = digitalis and vago-mimetic effects; yew = digitalis effects, heart blocks, and VT possible.

Calcium channel blockers: Decreased inotropy and AV conduction, smooth muscle vasodila-tion, progressive AV blocks. Beta-blockers: Type IA or quinidine-like effects, mimic calcium channel blockers (CCBs), with progressive bradycardia, AV blocks, complete heart block.

Ischemia: ST segment and T wave changes, Q myocardial injury waves from hypotension, coronary vasospasm, hypoxia = cocaine and ergot alkaloids.

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