Embryonic Emergence Of Secondary Lymphoid Tissues

Lymph nodes are formed in the embryo by endothelial budding of the venous circulatory system, initiating on gestational day 10.5 in mice (Wigle et al. 2002). These primitive lymph sacs form the lymphatic vasculature by endothelial sprouting, a process that initiates on day 11 and is completed in mice by day 15.5 of gestation (Wigle and Oliver 1999; Mebius 2003). These lymph sacs are populated by IL-7-responsive cells (presumably lymphocytes) by day 13 (Yoshida et al. 2002). The fact that IL-7 receptor-deficient mice fail to form lymph nodes suggests that the interaction of immature hematopoietic cells with the lymph sac is necessary for maturation of the lymph node anatomical structure (Cao et al. 1995; von Freeden-Jeffry et al. 1995). Peyer's patches are formed from clusters of cells on the proximal end of the intestine in mice on gestational day 15.5. Nasopharyngeal lymphoid tissues are formed after birth in mice in a similar manner (Adachi et al. 1997).

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