Major Depressive Disorder And Mood Disorders With Depressive Features Due To Hiv And Aids

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Depressive illness is a major cause of distress in patients with HIV and AIDS, and has a severe impact on the quality of life and on medication adherence. Depression is a debilitating condition; its symptoms include sadness, pessimism, anhedonia, guilt, and sui-cidality in addition to neurovegetative changes such as impaired sleep and appetite. These latter signs can often be confused with the primary illness, as HIV and AIDS often produce fatigue, anorexia, and wasting syndromes, making the diagnosis of depression challenging in this patient group. Additionally, somatic symptoms of depression may be confused with opportunistic infections, further complicating the differential diagnosis and increasing utilization of physicians' time and services.

Major depressive disorder is frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated (Evans et al., 1996-97) in persons with HIV and AIDS. Depression in HIV can be either primary or secondary in nature. When depression develops during the course of HIV infection, it is described typically as a mood disorder due to a medical condition if it is etiologically related to HIV infection, opportunistic disease, antiviral treatments, or comorbid medical conditions. When a person with HIV or AIDS has a longstanding history of depression and/or family history of depression or bipolar disorder, however, it is more likely that the diagnosis of major depressive disorder would be supported.

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