Intrathymic Injection Of The Mouse


70% ethanol Injectate

Surgical board

Gauze sponge or swab

Scalpel handle (#3) and scalpel blade (#15)

Thumb forceps

Iris scissors, straight

1-ml syringe with 28- to 30-G needle

Wound clips or 4-0 suture material with needle

Additional reagents and equipment for anesthesia (unit 1.4)

1. Anesthetize the mouse and immobilize in dorsal recumbency on a surgical board.

2. Swab the chest area with 70% ethanol on a gauze sponge or swab.

3. Make a 1-cm midline incision with scalpel and blade at the thoracic inlet—i.e., at the junction of the lower cervical and upper thoracic regions.

4. Use thumb forceps and iris scissors to longitudinally bisect the upper one-third of the sternum and expose the thymus.

5. Fill syringe with injectate and remove air bubbles.

6. Insert needle into the parenchyma of the thymus and inject up to 10 ^l in either lobe

7. Withdraw needle and close wound with wound clips or 4-0 suture material.

Mouse Intrathymic Injection

Figure 1.6.9 Intrathymic injection of the mouse.

Care and Handling of Laboratory Animals

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