Intravenous Injection Of The Rabbit


70% ethanol Injectate

Restrainer (unit 1.3) Gauze sponge or swab

1- or 3-ml syringe with 25- to 30-G butterfly infusion set

1. Place rabbit in restrainer.

2. Swab the ear with 70% ethanol on a gauze sponge or swab.

3. Attach the infusion set to the syringe.

4. Fill syringe with injectate and remove air bubbles.

5. Apply pressure around the base of the ear to distend the marginal ear vein.

6. Insert needle just beside and parallel to the vein.

DO NOT attempt to insert the needle directly into the vein from above as this will flatten the vein, making entry difficult.

7. Insert needle into the vein with the bevel upward, threading needle into the vein for ~1 cm (Fig. 1.6.7).

8. Gently aspirate syringe to insure proper placement. When blood appears in the infusion tubing, inject solution slowly.

No bleb should form if needle has been properly located.

9. Withdraw needle and apply digital pressure to prevent hematoma formation.

Marginal Vein Rabbit For Injection

Figure 1.6.7 Intravenous injection of the rabbit. With the rabbit in a restrainer, apply pressure over the vein at the base of the ear and introduce the needle of the infusion set into the engorged marginal earvein.

Care and Handling of Laboratory Animals

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